Piano Textures 4

by Bruno Sanfilippo

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Richard Gürtler
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Richard Gürtler No matter if subduedly saturating, lachrymosely intimate, mercurially piquant or transiently still, it's always up to each devoted journeyer to create auxiliary composition titling and mirror it with poignantly evocative sonic sculptures, meticulously carved by one of the most gifted composers within modern classical ambience nowadays. No wonder ingenious lyricism fully blossoms on "Piano Textures 4", it's the place where Bruno Sanfilippo is living his dream!
Tone Harvest
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Tone Harvest Bruno's music is some of the most immersive and moving modern classical music I've heard. Cannot recommend his music enough, this latest album will be no different! Favorite track: Piano Textures 4 VI.
Scott thumbnail
Scott I have the previous box of Piano Textures CDs, and I like all three. It's nice to hear another album in this electronic-tinted style. Favorite track: Piano Textures 4 VI.
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Piano Textures 1 bit.ly/2RepJnX
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Piano Textures 3 bit.ly/1GnlZoF

Date release Vinyl: July 10th 2017

It is the 4th volume of the Piano Textures Series started in 2007.
The newest installment of timelessly acclaimed picturesque storytelling, "Piano Textures 4", invites the listener into magnificently intense piano minimalism. These nine compositions are evocative sonic sculptures, meticulously carved, yet they indeed present different 'textures'

"Piano Textures 4" is featured on Headphone Commute’s Best of 2016: Music For Watching The Snow Slowly Fall In The Moonlight: bit.ly/2jKy6Hi

"Minimalist and modern classical piano music is a crowded genre nowadays, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. But for his restrained but emotionally engaging compositions, his perfect sound quality and combining the sound of the piano with more experimental electro-acoustics, Bruno Sanfilippo can stand the comparison with fellow contemporary classical composers like Max Richter, Jóhann Jóhannsson and Harold Budd" AmbientBlog

Contemporary post-classical.
"Bruno Sanfilippo reaches new levels of evocative communion with this fresh suite of aptly named 'piano textures'. Establishing a blissful space between the timeless and the exquisitely contemporary, these pieces float among reverberating clouds, hang against sparse electronic patterns or simply surround the listener with incredibly up-close intimacy. The piano naturally holds centre stage in each piece, Sanfilippo masterfully managing to maintain a wistful soft-focus consistency whilst delivering delightful variety of approach. Some tracks are subtly melodic, beautifully fragile, delicate; others are deeply expressive, impressionist mood pieces. Field recordings and electronic atmospheres, for the most part sit back in the mix, understated, inconspicuous - one or two tracks though bring bright flourishes, string swells or dull bass booms to the fore. Piano texture IV is recorded with a pleasing vintage feel that recalls old black and white films of the early twentieth century; piece IV wells up into heaving climatic swells of emotion; track I feels like something from the ambient end of a downtempo, chill album with its low percolating bass burble and occasional glitchy flecks. Bruno Sanfilippo builds further upon his excellent catalogue of Piano Textures with the fourth in the series Piano Textures 4. Released, as usual, via the artist's own ad21 label nine new recordings showcase what really are some exceptional compositional and performance skills. The music can be explored via the Bruno Sanfilippo bandcamp page and of course Bruno-sanfilippo.com where there are a range of listening and purchase options. As well as the current release a limited edition of signed and numbered collector’s items can be found containing the four Digipack CDs for Piano Textures 1, 2, 3, 4 plus postcards and download codes" Morpheus Music

"Bruno Sanfilippo invites the listener to inhabit the delicate world of his piano playing on this, the fourth edition of the Piano Textures series. His compositions are minimal but highly-melodic, with a production style that leaves his stately chord progressions hanging in shimmering space. Piano Textures indeed." Norman Records

"It's easy to be dismissive of series recordings; after all, one muses, how many volumes in a given series are truly necessary before irrelevancy sets in, with each installment merely recycling ideas others have already sufficiently explored. Upon receiving a new volume of piano textures by Bruno Sanfilippo, the question naturally arises: what can a fourth set possibly offer that hasn't already been thoroughly addressed in the other three; and the fact that the nine tracks are titled with Roman numerals feeds into such questioning, the thinking being that the decision reflects indifference on the composer's part, as if he couldn't be bothered to muster the energy to give the pieces proper titles.
Yet all such questioning comes to an abrupt and resounding halt the moment the music begins flooding the room with its exquisite sounds, at which point it becomes clear that Sanfilippo has invested the forty-three-minute recording with the same kind of meticulous care and sensitivity he brought to the other installments. And as far as titling is concerned, one similarly begins to suspect that the choice is not so much a sign of indifference but simply a desire on Sanfilippo's part to let the listener develop responses without being cued interpretively by the composer. Recorded at Onix II Studio in Barcelona in early 2016, the release is the fourth in a project initiated in 2007.
On these nine delicately rendered exercises in piano minimalism, Sanfilippo repeatedly shows himself to be artful in the way he complements the acoustic timbres of the keyboard with a variety of electronic atmospheres and effects. No enhancement feels arbitrary chosen or gratuitously added; each sound helps realize the composer's intended effect and desired mood. At times the treatments in play are so subtly applied, they almost go unnoticed, such as the way reverberations bleed off of the piano's notes during the impressionistic third setting. In other cases, the non-piano effects captivate the attention for being so unusual, a case in point the fourth, where soft, synthesizer-like siren tones rise and fall in the distance, their emergence seemingly triggered by the piano chords.
Sanfilippo keeps things interesting throughout by varying the moods and sound design. Whereas the wistful fifth exudes the character of a sentimental ballad, others are ponderous and brooding exercises in classical elegance. In such cases, his command of melody and compositional form is especially noticeable, and as over-used as the reference is, it's well-nigh impossible to ignore how much the ninth setting suggests the kind of thing Harold Budd and Brian Eno produced decades earlier on Ambient 2 (The Plateaux of Mirror) and The Pearl. Regardless, one imagines Sanfilippo would be happy to have his name mentioned in such company" Textura

"It’s a gorgeous collection of pieces that I can’t recommend enough, varied in dynamics and arrangement while remaining loyal to the piano as a focal point" Ear Influxion

"Piano Textures 4" sees a continuation of Mr Sanfilippo’s journey through refined electro-acoustic aural realms. It contains nine narrative compositions of intense piano minimalism, treatments, field recordings and sophisticated electronics evoking both mystic and dreamy moods. The timeless, at times even fluid character of the outcome is clear from the start as is the neo-classical perfume shiny through gently on various passages while it now moves even closer to the imaginative works of Ludovico Einaudi and Harold Budd. Especially the sonic poems "Piano Textures 4 VI" and "Piano Textures 4 VII" show this most clearly with their sustained dynamics while I personally rate the highly emotive/cinematic "Piano Textures 4 VIII" as the highlight of the 42-minute release. The stillness found in the Eno-esq closing piece kept resonating gently in my head long after the record came to an end. All in all, "Piano Textures 4" is a mesmerizing piano-based ambient canvas giving a voice to in-depth worlds. Bert Strolenberg · SonicImmersion

Usce il 2 dicembre 2016 per la ad21 il nuovo atteso lavoro di Bruno Sanfilippo, Piano Textures 4, questo il titolo scelto dall’autore. Contestualmente, nel mese di dicembre l’autore sarà in Italia per alcuni concerti. L’opera è composta da nove tracce, sarà disponibile sia in formato digitale presso i vari stores, che in cd e in vinile (180gr). Abbiamo avuto il piacere di ascoltarlo in anteprima, e potremmo dire che l’autore ha fatto centro un’altra volta. Le singole tracce non riportano nomi forvianti o stucchevoli ma semplicemente una progressione numerica, quasi ad indicare lo stile concept dell’album. Il linguaggio sognante utilizzato da Bruno Sanfilippo è semplice ma raffinato per ricercatezza degli equilibri sonori fra elementi acustici ed elettronici. Il fraseggio musicale è immediato a tratti ripetitivo, quasi ipnotico, caratteristiche proprie dello stile ambient e minimalista capace di condurci attraverso emozioni soffuse all’interno del percorso che assurge al senso della vita. C’è da dire che Bruno Sanfilippo si scosta dall’idea in senso stretto del modern classical, preferendo una ricerca formale in funzione delle atmosfere che intende creare piuttosto che la sostanza dettata da una ricerca melodica ed armonica. L’intero album dell’autore argentino scorre piacevolmente all’ascolto, la seconda parte del LP è leggermente più mossa ed interessante per spunti melodici ed idee in generale. Chi ama questo genere di musica non rimarrà assolutamente deluso, mentre per i fans di Bruno Sanfilippo il constatare la continuità del suo cammino musicale seppur con una certa evoluzione. Jalo Magazine.

"Part of the charm of “Piano Textures 4” is its intimacy and I feel like I am inside the piano at times. It feels like the whole album purposely holds back from going for a full melodic approach though and so some people who are less likely to get lost in mood pieces, may not find what they’re looking for here. Sanfilippo though has created an excellent mood piece for those who do want to get lost in an audio mystery as new layers of piano are unveiled – and if you have your imagination with you – you can wander off anywhere" Simon Smith · Higher Plain Music.

Texturierte Klangfarben der Klassik Der in Barcelona beheimatete Künstler Bruno Sanfilippo ist keine unbekannte Größe, bereits im Mai haben wir den Komponisten mit seinem Vorzeigealbum „The Poet“ auf den Seiten von Gezeitenstrom-Musik vorgestellt. Tatsächlich besticht das Album mit poetischen und charmanten Klanglandschaften der modernen Klassik auf allerhöchste Ebene. Mit seinen periodischen Werken, beginnend ab 2007 der „Piano Textures“, bringt Bruno Sanfilippo regelmäßig wahre Perlen der modernen Klassik heraus. Anfang Dezember steht nun der vierte Teil in den Startlöchern. Ein würdiger Ausklang für ein erfolgreiches Jahr vom Pianisten. Die neueste Ausgabe von zeitlos gefeierten malerischen Erzählungen, "Piano Textures 4", lädt den Zuhörer in einem prächtigen, intensiven Klavierminimalismus ein. Der Name ist kein Zufall – die Klavierarrangements bestechen durch ihre breite Dynamik und Texturen. Tatsächlich ist der vierte Teil mit einer der kreativsten in der Reihe. Auch wenn der Komponist weit über 20 Jahre im Musikgeschäft tätig ist, die kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung ist von jedem Musiker ein angestrebtes Ziel. Viele beginnen mit der Musik zu experimentieren, neue Wege zu ergründen oder wagen Ausflüge in ein benachbartes Musikgenre. Treu geblieben ist Bruno seiner Liebe zur modernen Klassik, die Faszination bleibt ungebrochen an diesem Genre. Aber nun zum neuen Album. Die Texture-Serie hebt sich von den allgemeinen Werken des Künstlers ein wenig ab. Minimal verstärkt kommen elektronische Nuancen und andere klassische Instrumente zum Tragen, die nahtlos in die gefühlsbetonten Klaviersonaten integriert werden. Das Bruno an seinem Hauptinstrument ein wahrer Virtuose ist, beweist er auch auf seinem neuen Album. Fragil, zart und expressionistisch erklingen die Kompositionen voller Klangfarben, stetig schwingt ein Hauch von süßer Romantik und Melancholie mit. Zeitlose Klassik der modernen Art verschmelzen mit einem filmreifen Klangerlebnis. Mit seiner langjährigen Erfahrung verzaubert Bruno Sanfilippo immer wieder den Hörer, ohne eintönig oder gleichförmig zu klingen. Versunkene und nachdenkliche Klangtexturen Insgesamt 9 Lieder finden ihren Platz auf dem neuen Werk, jeder Einzelne erzählt seine ganz persönliche und charmante Geschichte. Nachdenklich und versunken sind auch gute Stichworte, Bruno Sanfilippo versteht es nahezu auch perfekt, diese auf seinem Klavier einzufangen und zu überbringen. Romantische Augenblicke, gepaart mit Sehnsucht und Liebe sind die Hauptkernpunkte auf diesem Werk, Neoklassik der alten Schule, perfekt umgesetzt und eingefangen. Songs, die einem einladen, die Augen zu schließen und sich tragen zu lassen von dieser wundervollen Stimmung. Da fällt es wahrlich schwer, spezielle Kompositionen besonders hervorzuheben. Im Vordergrund immer ein Klavierspiel, was tiefe Sehnsucht und Gefühle dem Hörer offenbart. Was zurückbleibt, sind Augenblicke voller Gefühl und Erinnerung. Hervorgerufen von diesem meisterlich arrangierten Klangwerk. Bruno Sanfilippo schafft es mit minimalen Mitteln viel zu erreichen und dafür gebührt ihm großen Respekt. Tatsächlich weiß "Piano Textures IV" zu überzeugen und zu bezaubern. Und zwar auf eine Art, welche wirklich recht selten geworden ist. Für Freunde für ruhige und verträumte Klänge von klassischen Instrumenten kommen an diesem künstlerischen Werk nicht vorbei. Veröffentlicht wird das Album am 02.12.2016 über das hauseigene Label Ad21 Music und wäre ein ideales Weihnachtsgeschenk für alle Liebhaber der modernen Klassik. Gezeitenstrom - Musikmagazin

"L’anno che per Bruno Sanfilippo si era aperto all’insegna del romanticismo cameristico di “The Poet“, si conclude con il quarto capitolo delle sue “Piano Textures Series”. Come ormai consuetudine fin dalla prima edizione risalente al 2007, è questo il luogo nel quale il compositore di origine argentina sviluppa la propria ricerca su toni e timbri pianistici minimali. Nell’occasione, Sanfilippo non si limita a stillare note lentamente risuonanti in uno spazio sonoro in sordina, bensì utilizza quello spazio quale ulteriore elemento armonico, quasi un raccordo tra note ora sospese e solenni, ora articolate in profili melodici dalle dinamiche minute eppure dotate di tutta la ricchezza timbrica del pianoforte" Rockerilla n. 436


released December 2, 2016

Produced by Bruno Sanfilippo
Bruno Sanfilippo: Grand piano & processing
All songs written and recorded by Bruno Sanfilippo at Onix II Studio, Barcelona, Spain
One Lexicon unit has contributed to the texture of the piano sound, field recordings and electronic atmospheres.

Art Direction by Ximena Contreras [ad21]
Analog Mastered by Ian Hawood
, Tokio, Japan
Cover photo by Anja Matko 

More information at bruno-sanfilippo.com


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Bruno Sanfilippo Barcelona, Spain

►Exclusive items and lossless audio available◄ Bruno is a pianist & classically trained composer.
He combines contemporary classical patterns with minimalism and ambient tones. "In dreams, there’s no imagined thing that’s too absurd, too strange, and Bruno Sanfilippo's music comes from that inexhaustible and shameless source" ... more

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